Secure payment with

From we want to show you that our website is 100% secure because we have an SSL Secure Certificate. This means that all the information that passes from your browser to our server and vice versa, remains encrypted. You can check this in your browser when you see https:// in the address bar when you are placing the order.

On the other hand, we offer you the greatest possible comfort for you to make the payment and for this we have four methods:

Credit or debit card

You can make the purchase by entering the details of your bank, debit or credit card. We accept payments with any 4B System card, also having a virtual POS that incorporates the latest secure payment protocols powered by the Visa International and MasterCard International brands.


If you have a Paypal account open, we offer you the possibility of making the purchase payment through this platform. If you do not have and would like to have, we refer you to in case you consider creating a new account.

Wire transfer

You can make a commission-free account deposit at Bankia. You can also make a bank transfer through the electronic banking platform of your corresponding bank or pay at any bank. Do not forget to indicate the order number.

Cash on delivery

The commissions for this service will be two euros (2,00 €). You can place the order by phone, e-mail or through the Web.